Probate is the legal process by which the County Court of the county in which the person lived or died monitors the distribution of the estate of the decedent.  The Nebraska Probate Code is, in effect, the set of rules governing the distribution of the estate of decedents with a Will (Testate) and a those decedents without a will or trust (Intestate). 

The Court designates someone (Personal Representative) named in the Last Will and Testament (Testate) or someone interested in the estate (Intestate) to take the actions required by the Nebraska Probate Code.  An attorney is needed to make certain that the Personal Representative follows the law and vouches for the actions of the Personal Representative, as the attorney is an officer of the court.

The probate process takes between nine months and one year to complete.  The most important reason for the delay is the statutory Notice to Creditors, by which notice is published in a newspaper for three consecutive weeks and creditors have 90 days from said notice to file claims against the estate in the County Court.