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Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a solo practitioner, with a law practice limited to the topics covered in the index; Estate Planning, Business & Individual Income Tax, Corporations and Probate.  I also provide a variety of legal services to my clients, including zoning disputes, Real Estate Tax appeals, Time Share disputes, disputes with construction and repair companies, Health and Long Term Care insurance disputes and most importantly, disputes with the Nebraska Department of Revenue, the Iowa Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service disputes.
I offer Federal and state income tax planning and preparation, at competitive rates.  Bring in your taxes and I will prepare them for an equivalent price you have paid in the past and often for less.  I prepare all tax returns, Individual Income Tax, Fiduciary Income Tax, Federal Gift Tax, Federal Estate Tax and County Homestead Exemption forms in my office.  None of your personal information leaves my office and I e-file all forms that can be e-filed without added expense.
My wife and I open our home for an office Christmas Party on the first Saturday in December and you will be invited if you are a friend or client.  Hope to see you the first day of December.
Please email or call for an appointment.  I teach part time at Bellevue University, so I am not always in the office.  Call the cell number if your needs are time sensitive.  Otherwise I will return the voice mail or email as soon as I can.
Good luck and God bless.

Robert Lundholm

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